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Tactical Trading Tools & Indicators

Tactical trading tools and indicators provide a systematic and data-driven framework for making investment decisions and managing risk. The Quant Pack's Tactical Trading Tools are mathematical models that are designed to enhance near-term trading and improve entry and exit points for longer-term portfolio holdings.

  • Real-time measure of investors' willingness to take risk 

  • The composite index measures momentum across several asset classes, including equity markets, equity volatility, credit markets, and currencies.

  • The indicator (1) is built to measure investors’ willingness (or lack thereof) to increase portfolio risk and (2) can signal future trend changes in investor risk appetite.​

U.S. Risk Demand Indicator
Real-Time Quantitative Index

MarketDesk Quant Pack U.S. Risk Demand Indicator
  • Real-time index tracking investor positioning and market sentiment 

  • Composite of daily and weekly data points: institutional investor positioning, equity and credit flows, changes in cash balances, VIX movement, and sentiment.

  • Provides timely 'bottom-up' information about retail and institutional investors' positioning both in the current environment and relative to the last 10 years.​

U.S. Investor Sentiment Indicator
Real-Time Quantitative Index

MarketDesk Quant Pack U.S. Investor Sentiment Indicator
  • Quantitative trading tool to identify and time market bottoms 

  • The U.S. Capitulation Indicator is built to be used during equity market drawdowns. Equity market bottoms are usually found at the intersection of aggressive selling and investor panic. While timing the exact market bottom is nearly impossible in practice, our mathematical model is designed to increase the odds of success.

U.S. Capitulation Indicator
Real-Time Quantitative Index

MarketDesk Quant Pack Capitulation Indicator

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