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Leading Indicators that Simplify Asset Allocation

The Quant Pack is a data subscription with access to 20+ proprietary leading indicators that guide asset allocation decisions, eliminate guesswork, and enhance investment returns.

MarketDesk Quant Pack Leading Indicators

Client Testimonials

"The Quant Pack provides all the data and analysis we need in one easy-to-use package."
- CIO, Family Office (Washington DC)

"It has allowed me to stay on top of macro trends much more efficiently."

- Partner, RIA (Chicago)

"Fits seamlessly into our framework. Adds another dimension to our macro modeling."

- Quant, Hedge Fund (London)


What is a Leading Indicator?

A leading indicator is a measurable economic factor or set of data that tends to change before the overall economy. The underlying premise behind leading indicators is that certain economic variables tend to change in advance of broader shifts in the economy. When analyzed collectively, these changes provide a comprehensive picture of the future economic landscape and may help forecast economic activity.


Examples of leading indicators include building permits, weekly initial jobless claims, bank lending standards, manufacturing new orders, and regional Fed business surveys.

How Leading Indicators Guide Portfolio Management


Early Signals
of Changes in the Economy

Leading indicators provide early signals of changes in the economy, allowing investors to take advantage of potential opportunities and manage risk proactively. Early signals can be used to guide asset allocation and position portfolios ahead of potential trend changes.


Eliminate Guesswork
from Investment Decisions

Leading indicators provide a consistent and repeatable framework that helps to remove human emotion and market noise from the decision-making process.


Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Returns

Leading indicators help guide asset allocation and position portfolios ahead of potential trend changes. Investors can develop a more accurate assessment of the risk and return potential of a portfolio decision.

Introducing the Quant Pack

MarketDesk Quant Pack Leading Indicators

The Quant Pack is a data subscription with access to 20+ proprietary leading indicators built to guide asset allocation decisions, eliminate guesswork, enhance investment returns, and decrease your research workload. 

Some of the largest investment firms in the world subscribe to the Quant Pack. Our clients include hedge funds, family offices, wealth managers, private equity firms, and individual investors.

Quant Pack Model Signals

Quant Pack Model Signals
  • A library of model signals for asset allocation, tactical trading, idea generation, risk management, and bespoke model development. The wide range of fully-integrated signals are updated weekly in the Quant Pack newsletter.

  • Quant Pack Model Signals offer an indicator-based framework that helps identify the most likely path forward for markets. The systematic framework employs a weight-of-the-evidence approach which is designed to (1) minimize false signals and (2) optimize the risk/reward outcome of each portfolio decision.

  • Key Benefits: efficient, consistent, repeatable, and extensive coverage.​

Free Report: U.S. Macro Regime Indicator

MarketDesk Quant Pack U.S. Macro Regime Indicator

Report Overview


The MarketDesk U.S. Macro Regime Indicator (USMRI) utilizes a data-driven process to (1) define the current macro environment and (2) forecast the trajectory of the U.S. economy over the next 12 months. It aggregates 20+ Quant Pack indicators to produce one straightforward signal to increase or decrease your portfolio risk.

This primer report provides an overview of the macro regime indicator and how it improves your portfolio management process.

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